Get intimate with the Grand Canyon with close up views while flying below the rim into the canyon with a ground landing next to the Colorado River and boat ride!

Grand Canyon Tour and Travel of Las Vegas Tour Information


Prior to Tour: Please call us 48 to 24 hours prior to your tour to confirm the pick-up time and location, since occasionally this change due to construction or special events.

Pick Ups: Please call us at 702-655-6060 if for some reason you are not picked up at the confirmed time. Do not wait more than five minutes without calling.

Drop-Off Service: All passengers will be dropped off at their pick-up location.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires each passenger to present a government issued photo identification card such as a driver's license or passport in order to board a plane.


What you should consider bringing: Comfortable walking shoes with gripping soles are the only must. Recommended gear to bring includes sunscreen, hats and a camera. Within your tour vehicle water bottles, knapsacks, and extra hats and jackets will be provided for participant use.

Children Participants: Children must be at least 10 years of age. Children 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their behavior and safety.

Seat Belt Policy: All passengers are required by state law to wear seat belts when the vehicle is in operation.

Smoking Policy: Considerate smoking is allowed outdoors in vehicle parking areas unless high fire danger conditions are present. Smoking is never permitted in vehicles, visitor centers, or on hiking trails. Smokers should be very cautious of fire danger in dry desert or forest conditions.

Safety Notification: This excursion is an outdoor field activity which may involve both highway and back-country vehicle travel. It will involve moderately-strenuous walking which will be on dirt or rocky trails with locally uneven, slippery, or precipitous surfaces, and prickly plants. Adverse weather or climate conditions may occur. Grand Canyon Tour Company does not promise any particular weather conditions. The guide will review all safety precautions at the beginning of the trip.

Agreement: By making this registration each participant is stating that he/she is in good health and has no medical or physical condition that could interfere with ins/her safety or enjoyment of this activity by him or herself (or by other participants). Each person agrees to the policies stated above, agrees to heed all safety precautions directed by the guide, and understands the Safety Notification.


Bike Safety: Your safety is our main concern. Be aware that you will share the road with motor vehicles. To properly control a bicycle, a rider must remember these riding practices:

We want to help the park service to preserve Grand Canyon National Park for future generations. The following is a list of practices to do so:

Please be aware of the following potential hazards:

Take the following precautions with your children riding in child trailers: